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General View

Public transportation is another recent field of fleet management. Integration of this technology with public transportation is specifically for citizens’ convenience. There are many issues in this field to be considered (time schedule of arrival of buses and vocal alarm, number of passengers in a day, strict control on drivers’ performance, Electronic Ticket (ET)). Therefore one of the most professional fields of fleet management focuses on this area

Required Equipments and Benefits

Exact control and time schedule on buses and informing peoples, deletion of paper ticket, gathering statistical data in crowded paths and the effect of this traffic on time schedule of buses, appropriate planning in public transportation with in the city and culturalization with aim to decreasing traffic and air pollution.



 Advanced software: due to high quantity and variety of reports and employer’s requests, very professional software is required.

 Tracking hardware: advanced tracker due to computation and displaying the status of bus and online reporting

 Other devices: RFID specifically designed for bus with a CAR PC for advanced services like vocal alarm in stands
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