Garbage Transportation and Recycling Vehicles

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Garbage Transportation and Recycling Vehicles
General view
With increasing progress of urbanization and urban areas, urban services in municipalities all over the country changed to one of the most important and challenging departments in each municipality. One of basic tasks of each municipality with help of human and vehicle resources is to cleaning and on-time garbage collecting in best way. So the first question is that how we can do this service with an exact planning retrieved from real data? It worth to mention that the current cost of this service is one of biggest limitations that every manager should consider it in his/her planning. Which vehicle in which time should be forwarded to which area? And also the supervision on this process is so crucial. Dolphin Company with high research and operational experience offer the best solution to handle this problem perfectly.

Required Equipments and Benefits
Classification of different urban areas upon various preferences same as garbage volume of the area, fleet time schedule and forwarding equipped vehicles to defined areas, operations control and supervision on vehicles movement in each mission, providing optimized pathway to fleets in order to fuels cost reduction

    Advanced software: this software has been designed and implemented according to urban service’s requirements of metropolises.
    Hardware: combination of basic to advanced hardware, actually due to variety of vehicles and their tasks.
    Peripherals: vehicle weight sensor with aim to data collecting and eventual events in garbage collecting and discharging.

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