Ruptela FM-Eco4+

Device is specially designed for basic tracking – vehicle tracking, driver identification, fuel and temperature monitoring. FM-Eco4+ version has an internal battery which allows to avoid the loss of the satellite signal during voltage dips in light vehicle. Small size, durable case and internal battery allows it to be installed in various types of vehicles – from trucks, trailers to boats, motorcycles, segways, etc.

Ruptela‘s ECO4/4+ is 4 th generation low cost, low power consumption basic tracking device. It acquires its position by GPS/GLONASS signal and transfer data to server via GPRS cellular network.

ECO4/4+ new features compared to ECO3:

  • Lower power consumption
  • 1-Wire interface
  • Internal power supply available (ECO 4+ only)
  • Waterproof housing
  • Power supply from USB for configuration purpose

Technical specifications:

  • 4 Digital Inputs
  • 2 Analogue Inputs
  • 2 Digital outputs
  • 1-Wire 
  • Back-up battery (Li-Po 3.7 V 1050 mAh)
  • Power supply 12/24V DC (range:10 - 32 V DC)
  • Operational temp.: -35°C ... +60°C 
  • Storage temp.: -40°C ... +65°C 
  • Internal GSM antenna 
  • External GPS antenna (Ublox module) 
  • Motion sensor 
  • Flash memory (4Mb)


  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Electrostatic discharge protection on USB
  • Electrostatic discharge protection on 1-wire
  • Overcurrent protection on 1-wire power
  • Electrostatic discharge protection on sim card slot


  • E-Mark
  • CE ready
  • RoHS
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