Ruptela Trailer Tracker TTR3

Powerful and easy to install tracker designed for trailers Device is equipped with re-chargeable battery and perfectly works in extremely low temperatures. Due to smart algorithm device is able to to go into deep sleep mode which allows it to last several months without external power source. It can read data from Thermo King's controller.

sometimes it is hard to identify, which trailer is being dragged by truck. Usually, trailers are left in ports and unloading areas without surveillance for up to 2 months. Trailer Tracker can be used as a basic tracker (collect data and work in roaming). Due to the smart algorithm device is able to go into deep sleep mode (up to 2 months lifetime) and send data depending on various parameters.

Device is equipped with rechargeable battery and works perfectly in extremely low temperatures.

Open/closed doors identification

Supports 11digital fuel sensors

Read CAN line data from Thermo King


  • Real time location
  • Route history of trailer
  • Readouts from refrigerated trailers (temperature,set-point and etc.)
  • Ignition status
  • Driver identification (iButton)
  • Identification of battery voltage drops
  • Temperature sensor connections
  • Open/closed doors identification
  • Supports digital level measurement
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