EasyCAN is used to connect the terminal FM-PRO or FM-Tco to the CANbus without interfering with wires

EasyCAN adapter allow to read data from vehicle`s systems without physically connecting to wires. It is safe, reliable and quick way to connect. Also you will not lose manufacturer warranty for vehicle. There are two different type of EasyCANs:
one for CAN connection and another for J1708 connection. This is useful for Volvo and Renault (DXI engine) trucks.

  • Fast installation
  • Support J1708 standard (Volvo, Renault trucks)
  • One cable fits all vehicles/equipments 
  • 100% accurate recovering of CAN-bus data
  • Safe and reliable reading of CAN-bus
  • No soldering, wire cutting or crimping
  • High quality
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