Truck Load Sensor

Truck load sensor is designed for truck and cargo weight control in fleet management systems. This sensor can be connected to the analog and serial input of AVL device. With truck load sensor, a vehicle tracking system gets valuable information about the location and time of loading and unloading the truck.

this sensor is designed to determine load and weight of trucks with leaf spring and air spring suspension. data can send via analoge and serial port of Avl tracker devices. Terminal monitor converts the signal to the mass of the cargo in accordance with the calibration table.
Displacement sensor is mounted on the rear axle or rear axles. Sufficient to establish a sensor to monitor vehicle axle load and load mass.

Genereal characteristics of the device

  • Secure and protected to manipultion by driver 
  • Waterproof and anti-shock during movement
  • Small sizes and installable on various vehicles
  • Easy installation by company expert in location of employer
  • High accuracy and muximum error to 2.5% of portable weight by vehicle
  • Abbility to connect with AVL devices equipped with analog input


  • Acidic and fuel transportation vehicles
  • Urban services vehicles for garbage transportation
  • Garbage transportation vehicles
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Mine vehicles

Sample truck load sensor report in dolphin Avl software

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